Everything’s just as you left it
– except for the floor

Imagine leaving work at night, going home – and coming back next morning to find a beautiful brand new carpet perfectly laid. Everything’s just as you left it – except for the floor.

No furniture removal. No disruption to staff. No computer technicians or downtime.

One of our teams of four people is quite capable of laying down a new carpet overnight in an area of 250m2 under furniture. But we can bring in bigger or smaller teams depending on your job. One recent project for a major US bank in normal working hours involved 70,000m2. But whatever the size, we leave happy clients behind as well as a great-looking new carpet.

We use our furniture lift system to replace carpeting anywhere from single offices to entire buildings. It’s a simple four step process – vertically lifting your furniture, removing existing carpet tiles, replacing them with new ones, and then lowering your furniture back into position. Just ask for a free demonstration.

Here’s what our clients say:

“The whole carpet tile works were completed out of hours with no disruption to our business. No desks were moved and nothing was unplugged. Our staff were able to come into the office in the morning and start working as usual – but with a new floor.”

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