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We’ve carried out many of the major London flooring projects in the past 15 years

You can count on us as the UK’s leading flooring contractor

Flooring matters. It matters to you because it has to look fantastic, wear well, and give a great return on investment. It matters to us because flooring is our life. It’s all we do. So we’re proud to have been trusted with many of the largest, prestigious flooring contracts in and around London over the past thirty years.

We’re a two generation family business. That means that we stay nice and friendly. But we’re also a plc. So we have the financial strength, stability and buying power you need. And we work to the accredited management systems that make sure we deliver highly detailed plans and tightly controlled programmes, with nothing left to chance.

If it’s to do with flooring, you can count on us. As the UK’s leading flooring contractor we can help you with everything from product, technical, environmental and specification advice to supply, installation and continuing maintenance. Take a look at our awards too. They say more than we can.

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Our ISO management systems make sure that every project is a complete success